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Where can I buy a ticket?

Please join the attendee group on Facebook. There is a post for those buying and selling tickets. You can also get them from the main page on our website.

Will you need to bring your ticket to the event?

It’s encouraged  you bring your ticket with you (printed or shown w/ phone). 

Log on to Eventbrite if you can’t find your original email, you should be able to re-print. We’ll have a list of ticket purchasers at the registration table, but having your ticket will make your entry go much faster.

Will there be tote bags?

Tote bags are sold with ticket sales on Eventbrite. There will be very few extras sold at the event, but you can ask at registration.

Can I buy a ticket the day of the event?

Yes, tickets will be for sale at the registration table for general admission entry. 

Are there t-shirts available for purchase?

There is a link in our Facebook group on the pinned post at the top with the t-shirt link to order.

Will the authors have books that I can buy from them?

Yes, most authors will have books on their table for purchase. However, Authors will also have preorder forms available and it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you preorder any copies you want in advance. Author’s preorder form links will be posted in the attendee group as soon as they’re available. 

How Much is Parking?

MMM23 parking is free at the hotel. Unless you choose to valet, then it will be $50 per day.

What do I do when I first arrive?

Please stop by the registration table (next to the grand ballroom) to check in before you enter the signing room on Saturday. You may pre-register beginning at 10am. If we have any other hours added to pre-register then they will be announced in the Facebook attending group.

What room will we be in?

The Grand Ballroom. Line up to enter is in The Big Hall and is indoor/air conditioned (11,000 sq feet of waiting space). 

Will there be free Wi-fi?

No and it’s recommended to bring battery power banks to charge your phones!

Will there be Water and Snacks available?

There will be cash bars set up during the signing for drinks. There is a Starbucks inside the hotel directly across from the signing, where you can get drinks, snacks, and breakfast. There is also a gift shop by the hotel entrance that has snacks available. The hotel also has a restaurant, and bar that serves Lunch and dinner.

Do I need to bring cash?

Many authors will have credit card scanners, but you are highly encouraged to bring cash and please try to bring small bills as authors can sometimes run out of change. 

Will I be able to bring my own books?

Yes, bring as many as you’d like.

How many books will the author sign?

There is no set limit for the event if an author has a limit they plan to set we will announce it closer to the event, we just ask that you be courteous to others if there is a long line

What will the authors sign?

Anything within reason. 

Grab one of the event canvases, T-shirts, or other awesome items, and lots of their books!

Will there be a seating diagram shared with attendees?

Yes, we will post a diagram the day  before the event. We will also hand out seating charts at the door. If you get each table initialed then you can enter to win a big raffle basket as well. 

Will Authors be ticketed? What does that mean?

A ticketing method that helps the movement in the room and ensures that each reader can use the time during the event wisely. We don't want a reader to come and stand in 1 line for 2 hours. So we do our best to resolve that issue by ticketing the lines that may have more than 10-15 readers consistently throughout the event. By ticketing, it gives the reader a placeholder of a sort to allow them to wander the room and visit other authors while waiting for their number to be called. Not all authors will be ticketed. In fact, most will not; however, we're always ready to ticket if needed.

Will photos from the event be shared?

Yes, stay connected with the attending group for updates.

Will there be any additional events, apart from the signing?

-Friday we’re meeting up at the bar and dressing in prom dresses. 

-Saturday night we have a ticketed dinner. 

-MMM does not offer ‘after parties’ it's up to the attendees to join us for our beautiful sit-down dinner or make plans with other attendees. 

-Additional activities are posted directly in the attending group.

Does my child or partner need a ticket if they aren’t getting anything signed?

Everyone attending the event ages 14+ (signings, parties, panels, etc.) is required to have a ticket to enter in order to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Is the event 18+?

There is no age limit, however some images/themes may not be appropriate for younger children. As their parents, it’s at your discretion. 

What is the closest airport to fly into?

George Bush Airport in Houston

Is there a discounted room rate at the venue?

Yes, they are offering a discounted rate to ticket holders. The hotel link will be emailed as part of your ticket confirmation. THE VENUE HOTEL DISCOUNT IS SOLD OUT. We have booking links to email you to other hotels nearby. 

Is the water park included in our venue hotel reservation? 

Yes, passes are included in your hotel fee. Visiting guests can buy a day pass to use the amenities for $25.

Does the venue hotel offer shuttle service to and from the airport? 

No, Uber/Lyft/carpooling is your best option

What is the rule & size for carts in the signing room? 

Carts can be no bigger than 18"x18"x18". You can have a lid on the cart that doubles as a seat. 


Social Media

If you are posting from or about the event on social media, tag @MotorcyclesMobstersAndMayhem on FB and hashtag #MMM23 everywhere else, so we can all share in the fun!


Our events wouldn't work without the help of our amazing  volunteers. Whether you're at registration or managing lines, each volunteer is appreciated. We can't do it without them. Want to help out? Fill out our volunteer form here: 


We have sponsorship opportunities of all sizes available for you! Contact us for more information.



If you have any additional questions, click the contact us button from our website and send an email. Also, join our Facebook group as all up to date information is always on the first pinned post. 


Grab your tickets before they're gone!



May 20th, 2023 Lake Conroe - North Houston, Texas!

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